Vintage charm: Romantic and humorous vintage postcards

While out shopping on the weekend for a house-warming gift for a friend, I spotted a sign on an old bicycle advertising an antiques and vintage shop.  Intrigued, I eagerly headed in the direction that I thought the sign was indicating.  After a couple of failed attempts, I found the tiny shop in a small arcade, which I’d never noticed before.  I guess that’s why they needed the sign!  The woman behind the counter was very friendly, she was actually looking after the shop for a friend.

Although the shop was tiny, it had a great collection of vintage clothing and accessories, including suitcases and vanity cases (which I love!). It also had some china and glassware but I tried not to look at that too much in case I was tempted to buy something!

Vintage postcards 3

Despite there being some lovely items, I couldn’t find anything that I thought was suitable for my gift.  However, on my way out, I spotted a pile of vintage postcards and had a quick flick through.  Many of them contained portraits of celebrities of yesteryear but the ones that caught my interest contained staged scenes of couples in love with romantic or funny quotes and poems.  The first one I found contains a couple in a loving embrace.  If I’m honest, the man looks slightly awkward in the way that he’s got his arms around the waist of his lover.  However, I imagine that they had to stay still for quite a long time for the photo exposure so it must have been difficult to look natural!

Vintage postcards 4

The picture is accompanied by the chorus from a popular song written in 1905, In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree:

In the shade of the old apple tree,

When the love in your eye I could see,

When the voice that I heard, like the song of a bird,

Seem’d to whisper sweet music to me;

I could hear the dull buzz of the bee,

In the blossoms, as you said to me,

‘With a heart that is true I’ll be waiting for you,

In the shade of the old apple tree.’

The second postcard I found (and bought, because of course, I had to buy them both!) has a more humorous tone.  Again it’s a picture of a man and a woman in a supposedly romantic embrace, the man appears to be looking lovingly at a flower in his love’s hand.  However, the phrase suggests that the flower is a cunning ploy to divert the young man’s attention away from other women nearby!

Eyes right!

On the flower your eyes must ponder,

Then, dear boy, they cannot wander.

Vintage postcards 1

I think both cards are from the early twentieth century from the small amount of info I’ve found about the companies that printed these types of cards.  The postcards are blank on the back so they were never sent but maybe they were part of a girl’s collection!  And I did manage to find some small presents for my friend, they’re the gifts wrapped in the tissue paper.  My polka dot scarf provides a good backdrop to the postcards and gifts, I think.

Vintage postcards 5

I’m not sure what exactly to do with the postcards yet.  I might frame them by themselves or maybe wait until I find some more and make a larger display of them.  Do you have any vintage postcards?  Have you ever sent them to someone?

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Vintage postcards 2


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