Bringing colour into dark winter days: Vibrant vintage pieces

When I was growing up, I thought that vintage and antique china was dark, sombre and lacking in colour.  I was a child of the 80s where fluorescent cycling shorts and garish track suits were the norm.  Even back then, I liked the 1960s and 70s with their bright, trippy colours.  However, I knew little about the colours of the earlier half of the twentieth century, naively thinking that life was a mix of different shades of grey.

Blue handled butter knives1

Since starting Nancy’s Vintage China, I have realised that a wealth of colourful objects existed across the whole century, many of which have thankfully survived today.  Some of my favourite photos are of colourful items and so I thought I’d share a selection of them here.

Glasses mutlicoloured stems4

When the days are as short as they are at the moment, I like to take in as much colour and vibrancy as possible, whether it’s wearing my bright pink scarf, drinking tea stored in a colourful tin or using a turquoise handled knife to spread my jam.  Embrace the colour, I say, you might be surprised where you find it!

Harrowby yellow teaset2green knives4Harrowby blue teaset4

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