Top tips for assembling your vintage china cake stand

Whenever we pack one of our vintage china cake stands for a customer, we always include instructions on how to assemble it.  However, even with instructions, we realise that it can sometimes be a bit daunting to work out how to construct the stand.  Particularly because the china seems so delicate and potentially easy to break!  So I thought I’d share some tips about how to build your cake stand, along with some pictures of one that I put together recently.

Cake stand making1

Tip 1: Before you start, make sure you have a cross-head or Phillips screwdriver to secure the base plate fitting.

Tip 2: Start from the bottom – take the base plate and tighten the bottom screw securely so that you have a sturdy base to start from.  Then place this on a flat surface (Don’t be tempted to build the stand on your lap (as I have occasionally done!) as it doesn’t provide a very stable base.

Cake stand making3

Tip 3: Don’t tighten too much – there is a fine balance between wobbly plates and too much tension!  You need to tighten the screw fittings just enough so that the plates don’t spin around.

Cake stand making4

Tip 4: If the bottom plate feels slightly wobbly, you can add small cushioned pads to the underside.  Some plates don’t sit well with the cake stand fitting so we always test ours and then add pads to the bottom plate if needed.

Cake stand making5

Tip 5: Always transport your cake stand in flat-pack form.  It can be tempting not to bother unscrewing the stand but we’d always recommend taking it apart before taking it somewhere.  This can seem a hassle at first but once you’re used to assembling and re-assembling stands, they are so much easier to transport when packed neatly in a box!

And finally, don’t forget that vintage china cake stands are really versatile.  If you have a three-tier one, you can make it into a two- or even one-tier depending on how many cakes or sandwiches you need to display! If you have more than one stand, you can even mix and match the plates, the possibilities are endless.  Enjoy!

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