Nancy’s Vintage China around the world: our updated map

One of the things that we love about running Nancy’s Vintage China is the opportunity to have contact with customers all over the world.  As part of our website and name change, we decided to update our customer world map.

Duchess Brookfield tea cup

This started off as a slightly frustrating task because I couldn’t work out how to add new places to our existing online map!  I finally realised that it was easier to create a new map from scratch and that GoogleMaps has some new features such as allowing customised place markers, and categorising markers into different groups, such as countries and states.  So maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing that I had to create a new map!

Here is our new customer map.  It’s also on our Happy Customers page.

Vintage sugar shaker 1

And here are some map stats!

  • We have sent our china to, wait for it, 43 countries! I am amazed at this! I wouldn’t have guessed that, when I uploaded our first items onto Etsy, almost three years ago, our china would have been so popular.
  • Our items have travelled to 18 out of the 28 EU countries plus Switzerland and Norway.
  • We have sold to all US States apart from four, so if you’re in Delaware, Mississippi, Montana or Vermont, why not be our first customer from your state!
  • We have many customers in Asia, including some long-standing customers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Gladstone vintage china tea cups

So, a big thank you to all our customers!  We hope that you are enjoying using your china to sip your tea, serve your delicious cakes or whatever else you choose to use your china for.

If you can’t spot your country on our map, why not become our first customer.  Drop us a message to say hello when you place your order and we’ll include a small gift with your purchase!

Rachel x

p.s. I’ve shared some pictures of some recent purchases on Nancy’s Vintage China, which have been sent to the US and the Middle East.

Duchess Brookfield tea cups

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