A change of season and shop name: Welcome to Nancy’s Vintage China

Summer is finally over in my part of the world and although I’m missing long sunny days, part of me is looking forward to fresh mornings and cozy evenings.  It’s been a busy year so far.  Most of the summer was taken up with moving from London back to Wales.  I’m hoping that my slightly less hectic lifestyle will allow more time for blogging, photography and vintage shopping.
Cornflower mism vintage tea set

I’ve been meaning to revamp the blog and website for awhile and after a few ‘meetings’ with my business partner, i.e. chats over a cup of tea with my mum, we decided that we’d also take the opportunity to change the shop and website name to more accurately reflect what we specialise in.  So after a number of hours playing around with WordPress themes, Nancy’s Vintage China is live!  The focus of the shop will be the same as before, on high-quality vintage English china and other tableware such as cutlery and glasses that we hope our customers love!

Pink roses mismatched vintage tea set

I really like the new layout of the website and blog, so much so that it’s inspired and motivated me to start up regular blogging again.  I’m hoping to do some more over the coming months on the history of various china makes, and I’m planning to start some practical posts about collecting vintage china and accessories.  Any suggestions for blog posts are more than welcome!

Turquoise gold white vintage tea set
We’re also busy stocking up the shop for the forthcoming holiday season.  Our mismatched vintage tea sets are proving to be very popular so we’re going to be listing some more over the next couple of weeks.  Here’s a sneak peek of three of the sets.  They’ll be appearing on Etsy very soon with the other sets already up – take a look here!
Rachel x

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