Three cheers for summer! Drinking in cool vintage style…

We’ve been having a bit of a heat wave in the UK for the last week or so and even in London the warm weather seems to make people a bit more relaxed.  I’ve switched from drinking hot cups of tea to large glasses of iced tea or coffee, coconut water or, in the evenings, a chilled glass of wine or beer!

Viintage cherry jug set 4

My change in drinking habits due to the warm weather reminded me of a lovely vintage jug and glass set that we sold to a customer in the UK recently.  She had been looking for some glasses to complete an identical set that her gran had owned.  She only had one glass left and had been looking for some more for a long time.  We were really pleased that we were able to help her and her family complete their collection again.  I hope they’ll enjoy using them this summer for family get-togethers and other fun events.

Viintage cherry jug set

The glasses were made in France and we think they date from the 1960s.  The cherry design is so vibrant and I love the slightly bulbous shape of the glasses. I can imagine serving iced tea or a refreshing fruit punch in them.  I’m hoping to go to France again soon so maybe we’ll find some more of these beauties!

Viintage cherry jug set 2

Now, it’s time for a cold drink, I think.  Enjoy your weekend! What will you be drinking??

Rach x

Viintage cherry jug set 3



3 responses to “Three cheers for summer! Drinking in cool vintage style…

  1. Ooh! I have half a set of these and also a couple of lemonade ones! Please let me know if you find any more, I’d love to add to them!

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