Taste-tea Tuesday: Peppermint and Liquorice tea from the Alchemist’s Tea Emporium

Like many things it’s tempting to stick with what we know we like. If I’m not feeling particularly adventurous, I drink one of my tried and tested teas that I know will satisfy my needs. But I don’t like to neglect other teas in my collection which are just as tasty as my favourites but haven’t yet become part of my regular tea drinking!

Peppermint Liquorice tea 5

So this weekend, I enjoyed drinking some of the loose leaf tea I bought recently from the Alchemist’s Tea Emporium, a small tea shop and tea rooms based in the beautiful city of Wells in Somerset. I was lucky to be taken there by some friends who live nearby. The owner mixes his own blends and uses huge Victorian style jars to store the fresh leaves.

Peppermint Liquorice tea 6I love the boxes that the tea comes in and happily left the shop with some Peppermint & Liquorice tea that I’d purchased along with an earl grey blend that the owner kindly gave me to try (blog post to follow soon about that!).

Peppermint Liquorice tea 2As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I had a childhood dislike of liquorice but I’ve discovered that I really enjoy liquorice flavours in tea.  However, I hadn’t tried a tea where liquorice was one of the main ingredients. All the previous ones I’d tried had lots of other flavours too.
Peppermint Liquorice tea 1

I used a vintage T.G Green & Co blue and white polka dot tea cup for my tea and I’m pleased to say that I really enjoyed drinking the tea!  The overriding flavour is peppermint but the tea has quite a rich flavour that I don’t think you usually get with pure peppermint tea.  I found the slightly sweet liquorice flavour more noticeable the more I drank.  The tea has a refreshing aftertaste and the liquorice flavour balances the peppermint so it’s not too zingy!

This morning I found myself making another pot of the tea in place of my regular tea so I think that it might have sneaked into my list of favourites!

Rach x

Peppermint Liquorice tea 4


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