Time for Tea? Loose leaf teas from Etsy

A couple of days ago, I found this blog post written by Elsie from A Beautiful Mess about some delicious sounding loose leaf teas.  I was inspired to create my own tea collage so I had a look on Etsy to see what’s available.  Here are my first four picks below.  What type of tea would you choose?

Tea collage take 2

1. This Earl of Orange tea from Kitchen Stories is part of a ‘Morning, Noon and Night’ collection. It contains my favourite black tea, Earl Grey, but with the addition of citrus, which sounds perfect for a refreshing morning drink.  I probably shouldn’t admit this but I often have milk with earl grey, rather than the traditional slice of lemon.  But I think even I would pass on the milk with this to make sure I could saviour the twist of orange with bergamot.

2. My alternative morning drink would be Japanese matcha, which I’ve only discovered relatively recently. I was dubious when I first tried matcha, wondering if something with so many reported health benefits would actually be enjoyable to drink but I was pleasantly surprised and really like the smooth taste.  However, I’ve only tried ceremonial grade powder so far, and I’m keen to try the lower-grade powder to see if I can taste the difference.  This Organic Matcha Green Tea powder from Red Leaf Tea would fit the bill.  As it’s organic, the harvesting times of the ceremonial and non-ceremonial tea are less different than for non-organic tea so the flavour difference might be less noticeable.

3. My third tea choice, Canadian Maple Black tea from Lux Berry Tea, would be my afternoon treat!  As well as a little caffeine ‘pick me up’ for when I’m starting to feel sleepy after lunch, it contains cinnamon which I love plus popcorn and maple syrup.  OK, so this probably isn’t the healthiest tea compared to the ones I usually drink but surely it’s still better than resorting to cookies and biscuits, isn’t it?! Plus the bonus with this tea is that Lux Berry ship to the UK!

4. This Verry Sleepy tea from Isho Tea would be the perfect antidote to a busy day. My ‘go to’ herbal evening tea is camomile (I’ve even managed to convert my boyfriend to it!) and this tea also has passionflower and lavender mixed with valerian and rooibos.  The rooibos is meant to have a natural honey flavour too.  It sounds so relaxing that I’d probably be dropping off to sleep even before finishing my first cup!  Unfortunately, for me, Isho doesn’t ship to the UK (neither do Red Leaf or Kitchen Stories) so I’ll have to work harder next time to find some European-based tea companies!

Rach x

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