Taste-tea Tuesday: Silver tips white tea by Teapigs

I remember when I first discovered the ingenious Teapigs tea temples containing tea so fresh and flavoursome that they would serve me well for a few refills.  I always have a couple of blends on the go in my rather-full tea cupboard.  Every so often I treat myself to a new blend so when I popped into the tiny but lovely Maison d’Etre cafe the other day, I was pleased to see that they had an extensive range of Teapigs and there were quite a few I’d not tried before.  I’ve been drinking Chinese tea recently so the silver tips white tea instantly appealed.A picture of a Teapigs tea temple on a vintage Japanese saucerI’ve had white tea before and while it was pleasant it didn’t really create many lasting memories. However my first sip of the silver tips definitely made an impression.  Careful not to leave the tea infuse for too long, I enjoyed leisurely sipping the delicately-flavoured tea which had a clean and slightly sweet aftertaste.A photo of a Teapigs silver tips white tea boxMy tea experience stayed with me so much that when I spotted silver tips in a shop a few days later I snapped up a box.  I’ve been trying to savour the tea because it’s not particularly cheap but it’s so delicious (even my boyfriend whose favourite tea is of the builder variety is hooked!) that I keep wanting more. A picture of a Vintage Riva designs china tea cup and saucerAlthough the tea is technically in a bag, the leaves are so large and loose I think that it’s kind of like drinking loose leaf tea but without the mess.  I’m almost half-way through my pack so I guess that means it’s going to become one of my tea cupboard staples!

Rach xA picture of a Teapigs tea temple on a vintage Japanese saucer

7 responses to “Taste-tea Tuesday: Silver tips white tea by Teapigs

  1. Hi Rach, I’m so happy that you have discovered Chinese teas. They really rock! I still believe that a tea bas still imprisons the potential taste of good tea leaves.

    Perhaps there was an infuser or easy to use infuser would you consider drinking more loose leaf tea?


    • Thanks Sam! I do drink loose leaf tea as well and I agree that loose leaves are definitely the best. Sometimes, I just don’t have time to drink leaves though and the tea temples are a lot better than other traditional tea bags 🙂

  2. It comes in a tea bag (not as nice as loose, I agree) but I really like the flavour of Twinings white tea with pomegranate. Definitely worth a try. I’m going to see if my local specialist tea shop, Char in Winchester, stock a Silver tip tea like the Teapigs one, as it sounds so nice!

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