Taste-tea Tuesday: Genmaicha from TWG Tea in Singapore

There’s nothing like a cup of tea from a teapot to start your day!  I enjoyed my cup of loose-leaf genmaicha this morning so much that I had another.  Most of the tea that I’ve featured here is of the teabag kind as I never seem to have time to brew a pot of tea.  Plus our stout red teapot is huge and is really suited to at least a two-person brew.


However, the other day I was unpacking our kitchenware into our new kitchen (finally!) and I found a stylish little Japanese-style teapot from Muji that I’d forgotten we even had.  It was a perfect excuse to have some more of the delicious loose-leaf genmaicha that I was sent at Christmas by Sheila, one of Nancy’s Tea Shop’s long-standing customers who my Mum and I have the pleasure of keeping in touch with.


The genmaicha (roasted rice tea) is from TWG tea in Singapore, the TWG standing for The Wellness Group.  Their distinctive yellow packaging contains the date 1837, which TWG say represents the date that the tea trade in Singapore became official due to the introduction of the country’s Chamber of Commerce. TWG have an impressive range of teas – their website claims that they have over 800 single estate teas and blends.  They also do patisseries and other cakes. I’ll have to visit one of their tea rooms should I ever visit Singapore!


The genmaicha has a mellow roasted flavour.  Usually I would tend to drink this at lunchtime rather than after breakfast (as I mentioned in my previous post about my genmaicha teabags).  But this morning its flavour was very satisfying.


I always make sure to allow the boiled water to cool a little before pouring over the leaves so as not to brew bitter tea.  I try to remember not to leave it cool too much though as this means that the full flavour doesn’t come through – see The Fragrant Leaf’s tea brewing tips if you want to know more.


My new resolution with tea drinking is to find a few more minutes each morning to brew my tea in a teapot and to try other loose leaf teas.  Thanks Sheila for inspiring me to expand my tea horizons!

Rach x


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