Taste-tea Tuesday: Pukka Vanilla Chai

Today’s Taste-tea Tuesday post is an ‘out-and-about’ tea-tasting post.  On Sunday my boyfriend and I went for a walk to work off some Christmas calories. We thought we’d follow a similar route to one that we’d done in the summer, along the River Lea towards the Olympic site in east London. Part way along the river path we remembered that our summer ‘walk’ had, in fact, been a leisurely cycle ride! How we’d both forgotten this rather important detail I’m not sure!Pukka vanilla chai1

Anyway we carried on and we must have had more energy than we thought because it wasn’t too long before we could see the Olympic site. However as we wanted to make it back home again before dark, we decided to head back through Victoria Park in Hackney stopping in a cute café on the way for a spot of lunch. Fortunately, as well as serving delicious food, the café also had a large selection of Pukka teas. I chose one I’d not tried before, the Vanilla Chai. It came in a reassuringly stout teapot and the warmly-spiced tea was the perfect antidote to the blustery weather outside.Pukka vanilla chai2

I guess vanilla has a bit of a dull reputation probably because it’s so ubiquitous. But I really like its flavour and I never tire of a couple of scoops of good quality vanilla ice-cream as a dessert accompaniment! So I’m always eager to try things with vanilla in them, particularly tea.  The chai spices worked well with the addition of vanilla. I’ve had chai with hot milk before but I thought I’d try this one without and I’m pleased I did as I think the delicate flavour might have been lost with milk. Also I sometimes find that chai blends can be a little too sweet particularly in their after-taste but this was just the right level of sweetness for me. All I need to do now is buy a box to drink it at home!

Rach x

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