Festive Taste-tea Tuesday: Christmas Chai Rooibos by Joe’s Tea Co

It’s technically no longer Tuesday here in the UK (it’s actually just become Christmas day!) but my busy day full of cooking, cake stand making and country walking has meant that I’m only now having a chance to upload some photos of this week’s tea!Christmas Chai Rooibos tea

Today’s tea is from a company I’d not heard of before, possibly because they’ve only been around since 2012.  However, their teas seem to be stocked in numerous places in London so I’m surprised that it was only last weekend when I tried one of their teas for the first time.Christmas Chai Rooibos tea

After enjoying some Christmas Chai Rooibos tea by Joe’s Tea Co when having lunch in a tiny cafe in one of Norwich’s lanes, I was pleased to discover that the cafe sells boxes of the tea too.  Joe’s Tea Co uses tea temples, like a number of my other favourite tea companies, which seem to ensure a tasty cup of fresh fragrant tea.  With lots of festive flavours, such as cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, packed into the tea, it’s the perfect tea for snuggling on the sofa holding a comforting cup of sweet spicyness.  The box recommends adding milk, which I tried yesterday, but I think I prefer it without.  Maybe this is because it has a rooibos base, as I prefer plain rooibos without milk too.Christmas Chai Rooibos tea

This Royal Albert Poinsettia tennis set (tea cup inset into a large side plate for sandwiches and cakes) seemed to be the perfect match for the vibrant pattern on the tea box and the bold flavour of the tea.

The biscotti were made by a family friend who gives us a delicious homemade hamper each year.  The biscotti are a new addition so I’m looking forward to tasting them over the next few days.Christmas Chai Rooibos tea

It’s getting late so before I sign off I’d like to wish all of our blog followers and anyone who has enjoyed reading the blog, a very merry Christmas and a happy 2014!


Rach x

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