Charity shop finds: vintage baubles and cut glass

I had been hoping to do another Taste-tea Tuesday post today but I’ve been having a busy week and haven’t had a chance to put one together despite trying a couple of new teas.  So for now, I thought that I’d share some charity shop finds from earlier today.

After work, I popped into a few local charity shops just before they closed.  I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, apart from vintage china of course!  I didn’t spot any tea sets that I liked but I did find two items that I’m really pleased with.  The first is this set of vintage Christmas baubles in a slightly battered box.  I think they’re vintage because they look old and the red ones say ‘Czechoslovakia’ on them, which means that they’re at least twenty years old.

baubles 1baubles 5 baubles 4 My second purchase was this cut glass lidded jar, which I think looks quite old too.  I’d been on the lookout for one of these to store cotton wool buds.  I like the way the light filters through the glass and think that it will look good on the bathroom jar1baubles 3

There were a couple of other things that I almost bought such as a flowered cake tin (which I decided was a little too battered) but I managed to restrain myself!  I enjoyed my little charity shop expedition and hope to be back soon to see what more is on offer in a couple of weeks.

Rach x

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