Taste-tea Tuesday: After Dinner Mints by Clipper teas

As much as I like ginger teas, another type of tea in my top ten is mint tea.  Years ago before herbal teas became popular, I was introduced to mint tea, like I’m sure many other people in the UK were, through Twining’s peppermint. While at university, I started to discover different types of mint, including a particularly bright blue-green-coloured spearmint blend from Dr Stuart teas (which I must try to find again!) and the freshest Moroccan mint tea I have ever tasted in a rooftop cafe in Paris.

Clipper Afterdinner mints1As you can imagine, I was pleased to find that Clipper teas has created a new ‘Occasions’ range of teas, one of which is called After Dinner Mints.  Being a lover of all things retro, I was immediately transported back to my childhood where After Eights were a staple part of any dinner party (not sure if they made it out of the UK, in case not, they are thin sandwiches of chocolate surrounding a soft mint fondant filling).

Clipper Afterdinner mints2

Anyway back to After Dinner Mints.  My first cup turned a reassuring blue-green colour, which made me think that I was in for a flavoursome drink.  It has a smooth mint flavour with a surprisingly sweet tinge, without too much of a zingy peppermint kick.  I went back to look at the ingredients because I remembered that as well as peppermint and spearmint, it also contains fennel (something that made me hesitate from buying as I’m not a huge aniseed-flavour fan). However, on reading the ingredient list, I discovered that as well as fennel, it also contains my old favourite, ginger!  Ginger and fennel aren’t flavours I’d immediately put together but they work really well in this tea.  So well in fact that I’m already almost half-way through my first box.  Despite it being ideal as an after dinner digestif, I also think it’s a great way to wake up and I’ve been drinking it most mornings for the past week to help me focus on the day ahead.  Now all I have to do it decide which infusion to try next…

Rach x

Clipper Afterdinner mints3

4 responses to “Taste-tea Tuesday: After Dinner Mints by Clipper teas

  1. I love mint tea – particularly fresh mint tea. I grow different kinds of mint in my back garden, and there is nothing like fresh mint tea in the summer. Mint grows like weed. You just have to plant it once and it comes back year after year. The only thing you need to worry about is that it can take over your whole garden if you let it. There a quite a few different types of mint as well, and it is lovely to mix different kind in the same brew.

    All summer long, I just pluck a bunch out of the garden, give it a quick rinse, pop in in the teapot and pour the hot water over it. Put the sugar directly in the pot and mmm…. It is also great as an iced tea. After dinner, a great cup of mint tea with a piece of chocolate cake or brownie – heaven!

    Peppermint (and peppermint tea) is a wonderful and natural way to calm an upset tummy.

    BTW – we get After Eight in Canada – and that is what my mint tea and chocolate cake remind me of too!

    • I’ve got a mint plant in my back garden too but fortunately I have it in a pot to try to curb it spreading across the whole garden! I like the idea of mixing a few different kinds in the same brew. Good to hear I’m not the only one with a soft spot for After Eights!

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