Taste-tea Tuesday: Three Ginger tea by Pukka

As you might have guessed, I like tea.  Sometimes it’s regular tea with milk for when I need something comforting and familiar.  More often however, I’m drawn to the vast array of herbal teas available.  I think my fascination with unusual teas started in university where my lab mates and I would take it in turns to bring in unusual teas for our daily ‘elevenses’ (here’s an explanation of elevenses in the UK if you’re not familiar with it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elevenses).

A picture of Pukka three ginger tea in a vintage tea cup Much of the tea I drink is while sitting at my desk in my day job, so I don’t have the luxury of being able to brew loose leaf tea.  But I do think you can get good quality tea bags containing fresh flavoursome tea for those times when loose leaf tea, sadly, isn’t an option.

As a way of sharing my tea adventures, I thought that I would start a blog section named ‘Taste-tea Tuesdays’ (I hear you groan!).  I can’t promise weekly posts but I’ll share my tea tastings with you as often as I’m able to.

A picture of a vintage English china tea cup and saucer

To kick off, I thought I’d start with an old favourite, Three Ginger tea from Pukka.  I’ve tried lots of Pukka teas because I’m a sucker for their packaging. There seems to be some kind of magnetic force field around them that draws me to them (today for instance, they were on special offer in Whole Foods so I had to buy a flavour I’d not seen before, Harmonise – but that’s for another post!).

I love ginger flavours and this tea has a hit of three different types, ginger root, galangal root and turmeric root – I hadn’t realised that both galangal and turmeric are from the ginger family.  You definitely have to like ginger to try this flavoursome tea. My mum, for example, would run a mile from it!

I’ve not been drinking it much over the summer but now that the days are getting colder, the spicy warmth of the ginger blend is winning me over again.  I used to drink a lot of lemon and ginger tea but I think I prefer the ginger flavour by itself without the lemon zing. The depth of flavours perks me up whenever I’m feeling a bit run down or just in need of a tea hug!  And it’s a tastier and healthier pick-me-up than a ginger nut biscuit (although I have been partial to a few of these too!)

Rach x

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