French flea market fun in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

Before the autumn well and truly begins I thought I’d share some pictures from my summer holiday in France – on a vintage theme of course!

On the first full day of our holiday, my friend and I visited L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, while our other halves were testing their cycling fitness on Mont Ventoux.  Given the almost 30 degree heat, wandering around a charming town famous for its antiques seemed a lot more appealing than cycling up a blustery mountain!A photo of L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue streetA few different friends had recommended visiting the town knowing that I’m partial to vintage and antique items and the sheer number of stalls and shops certainly didn’t disappoint.  We were lucky to find a parking space right in the centre of the town, so we began with a wander around some of the antiques shops and mini emporiums off the main street.A picture of a Shop on the high street of L'Isle-sur-la-SorgueThis quirky shop had all sorts of plastic animals amongst its vintage items.  I felt compelled to take a picture of the forlorn-looking donkey peeking out onto the street.

Donkey statue outside antiques shop in L'isle-sur-la-SorgueThe pretty courtyard had a more luxury feel. The shops all around the courtyard were more like boutiques and they contained a high-end range of vintage and antique homewares.  Although beautiful, most items were way out of our budget! It was fun to browse though.

A photo of an Doorway to an antiques courtyard in L'Isle-sur-la-SorgueA photo of a vintage table and chairs in courtyardAfter re-fuelling with some sweet pastry twists, we hit the market.  Like many of the shops, the market was less flea and rather more fancy.  These beautiful pieces of silver cutlery looked stunning.  I didn’t dare touch them for fear of smudging them!

A photo of Antique silver cutlery in L'Isle-sur-la-SorgueThere was a lot of French shabby chic furniture and the dappled light on this table seemed like it was inviting us to pull up some chairs and sip an aperitif while watching the world pass by.

A photo of a Vintage table in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue market

We managed to restrain ourselves but we both fell in love with some French vintage glasses.  The ones I bought were the tiniest of the bunch and had a gorgeous peachy colour.  Coincidentally, a few weekends later I spotted some matching glasses in an identical design but in three larger sizes.  They were popular on Etsy and the whole set has already sold!

A photo of French vintage peach glasses A photo of French vintage peach glassesAfter having exhausted the markets, we treated ourselves to a leisurely late lunch at a riverside café.  I’d recommend visiting the town not only for its market but also to wander around the narrow lanes soaking up the atmosphere.  It might not be the best place to find a vintage bargain but it was certainly a great way to start our holiday!

If you want to see more of my pictures from the day, take a look at my Tumblr page

Rach x

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