Addicted to coffee (cups): The allure of miniature cups

I do like a cup of tea.  Whether it’s black tea with a dash of milk, or some scented jasmine flowers, it’s a comforting way to start the day.  Sometimes I fancy something a bit stronger and indulge in a cup of coffee.  I usually go for large milky coffees but occasionally I wish I had a taste for short espressos, not least because of the adorable little coffee cups to drink them from.

Although much of the vintage china that we find when out shopping for Nancy’s Tea Shop is for tea, there are some beautiful coffee cups and pots around too.

A picture of a Vintage Shelley china coffee setThese Shelley coffee cups are cute yet elegant with their simple tapered design and the balance of ruby red flowers with misty grey leaves.

A picture of a Vintage Coalport china coffee setThis Coalport coffee set has more of a country feel.  I like the gold edging which the Shelley set also has.

A picture of a vintage Coalport coffee setThe busyness of the cluster of flowers is balanced by a white background, particularly that on the coffee pot behind.

A picture of vintage Bell china coffee cupsA picture of a vintage Bell china coffee cupThese Bell china espresso cups are completely different from the Shelley and Coalport ones.  They have a comfortingly solid shape while the china itself is still very fine.  I love how the tiny green polka dots balance with the green band at the base of the cup and inner circle of the saucer.  I’m so attached to this little set that we’ve not yet put them on Etsy!

Whilst all of the cups above are obviously for coffee, some cups are slightly smaller than standard tea cups but not so small that they’re easily identified as coffee cups.

A picture of two vintage English china cups and saucers

A picture of two vintage English china gold patterned cupsAll of these sets above have cups that look like traditionally shaped coffee cans, with straight sides yet their size is in between an espresso cup and a tea cup. I think they’d be good for coffee or tea, depending on what takes your fancy!

I’ve put some more pictures of these lovely vintage pieces on my new Tumblr account

Right, I think it’s time for a cuppa…

Rach x

2 responses to “Addicted to coffee (cups): The allure of miniature cups

  1. Hi Rach, I love the green polka dot tea set it’s similar to my mum’s. Is it for sale would love to have it. Wish I could send you a picture of mums as I am trying to find her 5 cups and a saucer. The pattern number on mum’s is 4556 Bell China.

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