Happy summer memories: Lavender and pottery-making in Provence

My late summer holiday to Provence proved to be relaxing and fascinating.  Never having been to the South of France before, I was enthralled by its fragrant fields, awesome canyons and tranquil lakes. Equally I was drawn to its bustling markets and street-side cafes.  Naively I only realised just before my trip that I was visiting an area famous for its lavender!  Unfortunately we were a little late for the lavender season but the fragrant floral aroma was still in the air as we walked and cycled past hazy countryside fields.
A picture of a small ceramic lidded potLavender was present in many other ways on our holiday too.  Dried lavender was available in lots of shops.  It was also a popular subject of the local potter Odile who has a cute shop and studio on the edge of Quinson, the pretty village that we stayed in.
A picture of a small ceramic lidded potWe wandered into Odile’s one afternoon admiring her beautifully-made pottery. From large vases and bowls to small pots, all the pieces were immaculately crafted and presented. Odile showed us around her small workspace at the back of the shop where she designs and makes her pieces including firing them in a small kiln.

A picture of a small ceramic lidded potI had been admiring some of the small pots but couldn’t make up my mind what to get so decided I’d come back later in the week.  Before I could go back, my friends surprised me on my birthday with this little lavender pot from Odile’s which I’d been looking at in the shop!  They also bought me some dried lavender, some of which is now in the pot so I’m reminded of those relaxing summer days whenever I open it.

A picture of a small ceramic lidded potA picture of a small ceramic lidded pot with dried lavenderOdile has a website where you can see photos of her pottery: https://sites.google.com/site/atelierodile/home and if you’re ever near Quinson (in the Hautes Provence area) I’d recommend stopping by to say bonjour!

Rach x

2 responses to “Happy summer memories: Lavender and pottery-making in Provence

  1. What a lovely piece of pottery!! Would love to visit France again one day!! Our family went to Paris in 2012, truly a vacation of a lifetime!! To visit these fields of Lavender would truly be an added bonus!!

    • I’d not been to the south of France before and I was amazed at how beautiful it is. Paris is great too. We’re lucky in London that we have Eurostar to hop over for a weekend 🙂 Hope you get to visit France again soon!

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