Lavender days: Breathe in the aroma!

I love lavender and am really pleased that the lavender plant in my back garden has done so well this summer.  I always rub a few flowers between my fingers when I walk past to breathe in the smell.  My plant is no match for the stunning lavender flowers that have graced my parents’ garden this summer though.  They have two long stretches of lavender, which when in full bloom were mesmerising, not only in sight and smell but also in sound with the happy bees buzzing in and out of them.  I couldn’t resist taking some pictures and sharing them here.  Although slightly off topic, lavender features on vintage china patterns so there’s a tenuous link 🙂

Rach x

lavender collage

lav 1 lav 2 lav 3 lav 4 lav 5 lav 6 lav 7

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