Bostonian vintage in the blazing heat

After reading Modflower’s post about her first visit to an antiques fair, I’ve been thinking about the antiques and vintage fairs I’ve been to over the last year or so. Up there in my top ten is my recent trip to le Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen in Paris, which I wrote about last week.  Another memorable market experience was a visit to SoWa Vintage and Open markets in Boston last year.  I was fortunate to be in Boston for a work trip and even more so as my morning off was on the day that the market was running.  It was a blasting hot Sunday in June so I got up early and walked from Chinatown to the South End about ten minutes away.

A photo of the entrance to SoWa Vintage Market in BostonThe vintage market is inside a large warehouse building but the different parts of the SoWa Open Market are on opposite sides of the warehouse.  My first stop was the farmers’ market.  I was limited in what I could buy as I was staying in a hotel, so I tried a few delicious samples and treated myself to a little pot of Deborah’s Kitchen Mango Sunshine spread containing mangoes, peaches and ginger…mmm, three of my favourite foods.

A photo of Deborah's Kitchen Mango Sunshine spreadSadly the spread didn’t last long but I still have the jar, which is currently storing some buttons for my various sewing projects that I start and never seem to have time to finish!

A photo of Deborah's Kitchen Mango Sunshine jar with buttonsInside the vintage fair was an Aladdin’s cave of goodies.  My first spot was a stack of vintage luggage cases.  One day I will buy one of these beauties! I have a growing collection of vintage vanity cases but no larger pieces of luggage yet…

A photo of a stack of vintage luggage casesSome of the stalls had taken so much effort in displaying their wares particularly this one where the table decorations and settings were exquisite!

A photo of a vintage dressing table with mirrorSome displays like this one below were more quirky!

A photo of Vintage objects in SoWa vintage market in BostonThere were lots of retro items to catch my interest too, this funky orange bottle holder was unlike anything I’d seen before!

A photo of an Orange plastic retro bottle holderOutside on the other side of the building to the farmers’ market, was the Arts market with an impressive selection of jewelry, clothes and homewares. I bought a ring from a stall where vintage beads and baubles had been reset into antique style fittings.

A phot of a Blue and white ring from SoWa Open Market in BostonNo visit to a market is complete without a snack from a food cart, and after spending far too long deciding on which cart to go to, I decided on a Renegade toasted sandwich from Lefty’s cart.  Very tasty but possibly not the wisest choice as the grilled pepper jack cheese continued to melt as I ate!

A photo of Lefty's food cart in SoWa Open Market in BostonMy final stop on my SoWa experience was browsing in an exquisite men’s vintage fashion boutique in a converted warehouse next to the markets.  I can’t remember what it was called but the sign inside the entrance summed up what the shop was all about.

A photo of a retro sign in a men's clothes shop spelling 'Men's Needs'In general, I think women’s clothes shops are much more interesting than men’s but this shop reassuringly quashed my expectations.  All clothes and accessories were presented immaculately, the shirts lined up on vintage racks, even the display of hats enticing customers to try them on.

A photo of Vintage shirts hung in a vintage clothing shop in BostonA photo of Men's vintage hats in a clothing shop in BostonA photo of Men's hat boxes in a vintage clothing shop in BostonI left SoWa wishing I could return the following Sunday and when I googled it earlier today I was pleased to see that it appears to still be going strong.

Rach x

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