Vintage wedding fun in the Somerset countryside

For the last few summers I’ve been to many weddings.  So summer has become associated with celebrations, reliving old and making new memories with friends, and exploring new places in the precious sun or sometimes the rain!

A photo of a vintage afternoon tea wedding buffetOne of my favourite weddings was in Somerset (south-west England) where my friends Emma and Olly were wed in true vintage style.  Keeping to a strict budget they enlisted the help of enthusiastic friends and family for a range of tasks including crafting decorations to taste-testing champagne to driving the wedding car!

A photo of a table setting at a vintage style wedding buffet

I provided my first ever vintage cake stands as table centre-pieces for the afternoon tea wedding buffet.  The venue had hired a number of larger cake stands, so my two-tier ones complemented them well and were piled high with cakes and sandwiches – so much so that you can’t really see the china in this photo!

A photo of Vintage style cake stands piled with cakes and sandwiches

My other wedding ‘job’ was being part of the wedding photography team.  Having had the fun task of photographing Emma and her ladies of honour getting ready, I then had the (albeit slightly nerve-wracking!) task of photographing the ceremony from inside the garden pavilion.  I felt privileged being able to witness it close-up and it was such a lovely ceremony that I soon forgot my nerves.

a photo of a line of Lanterns in the wedding buffet

Afterwards, the guests supped champagne next to the lake, while the happy couple had a photo shoot in the stunning gardens.  Meanwhile, I sneaked into the main barn to take photos of the afternoon tea buffet, which was ready and waiting for the guests.

A photo of a table at a vintage style wedding tea party

The whole room had taken on a vintage feel.  There were round helium balloons in gorgeous pastel shades like something out of Alice in Wonderland, pretty lanterns lining the room waiting to be lit when dusk fell, rustic terracotta pots brimming with summer flowers, handmade comedy moustaches and place cards with vintage bicycle pictures, and lots and lots of vintage cups and saucers mismatched but matching perfectly at the same time.

A photo of a pink flower centrepiece

The room was soon filled with talking and eating and laughter and heartfelt speeches. And then more talking and eating and dancing. And when everyone was danced out and ready for bed, it was time to go home. We all left weary but happy and glad to have been part of such a special day!

Rach x

A photo o Handmade comedy moustaches

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