4 responses to “Afternoon tea for two? Yes, please!

  1. Rachel, I so enjoy your blog. I just bought 6 tea trios and some cake plates from your shop for my bridesmaids and was eager to check out this site!
    I currently work at the High Museum of Art, and love how you blend beauty, history, and tales of your adventures on this blog. I am also a budding tea lover (I bought my first loose-leaf a few months ago). Keep up the beautiful work! I will definitely become a regular reader and am considering grabbing a few more trios as gifts for other special ladies in the next few months.

    Lots of love,

    Rachel Eleanor

    • Thanks for your kind words! I’ve been reading your blog too and love your selection of posts. I love reading what life is like across the Atlantic – so many subtle similarities but obviously many differences. Working at the High Museum of Art sounds fascinating! I love losing myself in large museums and seeing what I discover.
      Rach xxx
      p.s. I loved your Animated Omelette post 🙂

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